Luxurious Garage Features

Creating a custom garage is a dream for many car enthusiasts, but the majority are stuck with a 1-2 car space at best and little additional room for the many amenities that could transform the average garage into a room worthy of housing a truly collectible set of wheels (or several). However, it doesn’t hurt to stay abreast of the latest and greatest when it comes to car storage (just in case you win the lottery). So here are a few of the best luxury garage features that could one day be yours.

  1. Car lift. People who love cars often enjoy tinkering and tuning them. For this reason, adding a professional lift that allows you to get under the car more easily is a must. While most homeowners are bound to opt for a standard, 2-post hydraulic lift, a 4-post lift allows for more than just maintenance; you can actually use it to store a car in overhead space so that you can park a second vehicle underneath.
  2. Climate control. Some people feel like they’ve got a fancy garage space if they install a heated flooring system. But if you want a truly luxurious garage you’ll have to go all-out with climate control features that not only set the temperature of your space, but also the humidity. For any car nut that has extremely rare automobiles in his collection, this high-end addition is one to consider.
  3. Hermetic seals. Creating a “clean room” may sound a little sci-fi, but plenty of auto lovers dream of storing their motorized babies in a totally toxin-free environment. Outfitted with non-organic building materials, a sterile, air-lock entrance, air-tight seals, and a state-of-the-art air filtration system, such a room creates a pressurized atmosphere that could probably keep your cars in pristine condition even during a nuclear winter. Yup, your cars would survive the apocalypse (less certain is whether you would).
  4. Gas pump. Anyone who has the money to install this pricy luxury item could probably afford to hire a ritzy company like noble transportation & limousines to drive them anywhere they wanted to go. But for the car enthusiast that has a custom garage full of classic or otherwise collectible vehicles, having a pump on hand to fuel them is certainly a nice treat.
  5. Showroom. This is the top of the food chain when it comes to fantasy garages, and the sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to creating a showroom in your garage. Of course, you really need to start with a large space that can house a collection, so you’ll probably have to secure some kind of warehouse to begin. From there you’ll want to include rotating platforms to showcase your favorite automobiles, as well as display cases for memorabilia. Plus, you simply can’t do without appropriate lighting. But most luxury showrooms these days are more like lounges that just happen to be decorated with cars. So don’t hesitate to include cushy seating that provides a great view of your collection, a giant flatscreen TV and satellite hookup to watch races with your pals, and even a bar (and possibly a kitchen setup) to get the burgers and beer going when you entertain. In short, the modern car showroom is a man cave full of automobiles.

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