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5 Ways for New Business Owners to Establish and Build Credit

If you’ve never owned and operated a business before, you’ll find that establishing a basis for credit relies on both the amount of money you can come up with, as well as your personal credit score and history. But more and more lenders are also using business credit as a way to determine the extent

5 Common Home Mortgage Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

You might think that getting approved for a home mortgage loan is as simple as walking into your bank and walking out with a guarantee for the funds you need to purchase a home. But there’s a little more to it, especially since irresponsible mortgage lending practices played a major role in the recession and

What is Good Debt?

Do you have good debt or bad debt?  Yes, there is such a thing as good debt, just like there’s good and bad cholesterol.  And you want to make sure you have the good kind. Good debt is anything that you’ve invested in that will build value over time.  Do you own a home?  That’s

Are You in the 40% Debt Ratio Division?

If you have been having problems making your monthly payments recently, you can blame it on the economy or you can take a long, hard look at the way you are managing your personal finances. If it is getting harder to meet your personal financial obligations, you should be looking at how you are spending