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How the New Credit Card Laws Will Affect You

On May 22, 2009, a new credit card law was passed.  The proposed goal is to help protect consumers from unfair credit card practices, some of which you may have been a victim of.  However, it appears that even the people who have always paid their bills on time and in full might be hurt

How I Quickly Got Out of Debt!

My name is Seth Ferris from Denver, CO, and I want to share a quick story about how I used two free personal debt programs, which allowed me to quickly get out of debt and control my finances. This strategy allowed me to slash my bills and half without paying for professional help and without

How Can I Raise My Credit Score - Step-by-Step Guide

Your credit report is a financial report card. It tells lenders how likely they are to receive payments from you if they were to lend you money. Someone who has no credit history or a poor credit history will have more trouble getting approved for a loan then someone who has an exceptional credit history.

Your Credit Score Questions Answered

A couple weeks ago I posted a message about your credit report and how it was pretty much guaranteed that you would find something wrong with it. Well, a lot of people responded to that discussion with questions they had about their credit score. I want to first apologize that it has taken so long