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5 Tips to Help You Retire Early

Most of us work hard throughout our twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties. Some of us started working as teenagers and we’ll continue to earn an income into our twilight years. But if the opportunity exists to retire, which is to say give up working as a way to pay the bills (rather than for enjoyment),

5 Tips for Finding a Trustworthy and Reputable Financial Advisor

In these troubled economic times, even those who never gave their finances a second thought have found themselves worrying about the prospects of a financially stable future. With stock market plunges whittling away at 401Ks and the tanked mortgage market leaving people wondering about the ultimate value of their property, it’s more important than ever

How to Keep Track of Your Retirement Investments

If you’re like most people you’ve taken the opportunity offered by your employer to begin investing in a retirement account. If you haven’t, there are many reasons to do so. Since the money is taken out of your paycheck before you get it, you don’t even notice it’s missing. The dollars put into a retirement

How Much is Your 401k Worth?

The editor of Money Magazine recently wrote about Why We Flunked 401k, and mentioned some frightening statistics. In 2006, the median 401k balance was only $22,000. This number is probably fairly skewed since there are 28% of eligible employees who don’t even bother to sign up for their 401k. And according to the Money article,