30 Days to Millionaire Money Habits

In addition to the discipline and willpower needed to become a millionaire, what may really be needed in order to achieve your long-term wealth accumulation goals is to develop a Millionaire Mindset.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a habit as, “An acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.” It takes more or less 30 days to condition yourself to create (or break) a habit. Once it is created, those actions happen with little or no conscious processing.

Think about when you first started driving a car, and how you constantly had to think about each procedure. Put the belt on, check the mirrors, turn on the ignition, check your surroundings, apply the break, shift into gear, etc. As time went on you were driving places while talking on the phone, listening to music, drinking a coffee and not even consciously remembering how you got to your destination. It is habits like these that are either helping or preventing you from reaching your goals.habits

Wouldn’t it be Great to Create Millionaire Habits?

Knowing this, what money habits are there that you wish you had or didn’t have?

  • Unconscious ability to save more money
  • Unconscious ability to invest and make better investing decisions
  • Unconscious ability to reduce taxes
  • Unconscious ability to increase cash flow
  • Unconscious ability to boost retirement income

The first 30 days of creating a habit can be tough because we are inheritably lazy and it is easier to talk ourselves out of doing something that requires even a slight amount of effort. The path of least resistance is comfortable.

To start creating your habit you will want to write down your goal, along with an explanation of why you want to achieve your goal. If you want to save more money, write down, “I want to stop wasting money and save $5 a day to contribute to my retirement fund and retire rich. I will save $5 a day by doing X.”

Be consistent for at least 30 days in your action, seek opportunities to act out the behavior, and be consciously aware of the behavior you are trying to create or destroy. Your tendency will at times be to do what is comfortable and what you are used to, but remind yourself of your ultimate goal and resist the urge take the easy way out. It’s all mind over matter.

Eventually this new behavior will seem so normal it will be hard to imagine that you used to act in any other way. Learn how you can increase the millionaire deep inside you and download a copy of the Millionaire Mindset.

Millionaire Money Habit: The personal finance habits you have can accelerate or impede your ability to accumulate wealth. The good news is you can train your mind to unconsciously and automatically perform millionaire money habits. Develop the millionaire within you and you will reach your goals almost effortlessly.

13 Responses to 30 Days to Millionaire Money Habits

  1. Great article - I got here via Mrs M’s site.

    And I had been wondering how long it actually takes to form a habit . 30 days isn’t bad at all, when you think that that’s all it takes to form good habits that will last a lifetime.

  2. Ryan says:

    [quote post=”75″]Great article - I got here via Mrs M’s site.[/quote]
    Welcome Catherine!

    Glad you found the site and enjoy the article.

    I agree, that if you can stick out the 30 days, it is well worth the effort. I think 30 days sounds easy, but it can be easier said than done. I suppose it depends how driven you are to accomplish what you are setting out to do.

  3. rob says:

    Game 23: Habits

  4. nathan says:

    another thing I d like to add is we do need someone to "hold us accountable for our goal" It too easy for me to put off another project for another day"


  5. Alisa says:

    I really like your site. I started a new journey in my efforts to
    become debt free. I am learning so much and I find your site to be
    very helpful. Keep up the good work. Be well.

  6. JobOpenings says:

    Wish I can acquire the habit too :-)

  7. Michel says:

    Being an hypnotherapist, I concur that 21 days is usually all it
    takes for the subconscious mind to take on new habits. It’s the
    same with losing habits but with a catch : the mind hates
    emptiness! So, if there is a bad habit you wish to break, REPLACE
    IT with a good one! Hope this helps! :)

  8. Saveon says:

    being consistent is the key to success

  9. Hosingfan says:

    As an hypnotherapist, I concur that A 3 week period is generally all it
    takes for that subconscious mind to defend myself against new habits. It??£¤s the
    same goes with losing habits however with a catch : your brain hates
    emptiness! So, when there is a poor habit you intend to break, REPLACE
    IT with a decent one! Hope this can help!

  10. Jnifer says:

    I like your website. I started a brand new journey during my efforts to
    become free of debt. I’m learning a lot and that i find your website to become
    very useful. Continue the great work. Be.

  11. John says:

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