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5 Helpful Credit Card Usage Tips for Small Business Owners

The unfortunate truth is that many people don’t view credit card spending in the same light when it’s for their business as opposed to their personal purchases. There is an amount of separation from the act of spending that often makes it easier to overspend on behalf of your business. But this can quickly land

5 Tips for Getting Your Lender to Reduce Your Home Mortgage Payment

Over the last few years it’s been somewhat difficult for homeowners to secure refinancing for their home mortgages. It seemed like the people paying on time and in full were getting punished, unable to obtain the outrageously low interest rates that their neighbors, who hadn’t paid their mortgage in months, were being handed like candy

5 Common Myths About Settling Credit Card Debt


Credit card debt has never been a bigger problem in the United States. More and more individuals have found themselves pretty much up to their ears in money owed and requests from creditors to pay it all back. It can begin to be significantly overwhelming, and when you finally decide that it’s time to find

Alternative Methods to Build Your Credit (Without Credit Cards)

As you may know, credit cards offer one of the simplest solutions when it comes to building up your credit rating. There are a few reasons why this method is preferable to others: it gives you spending power when you’re low on funds, it’s the quickest way to build credit, and credit cards are so