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Do Ethics and Money Mix?

A lot of us have probably heard that money can tend to be the root of all that is evil. Yet, when there are no people using the money, the dollar bills are nothing more than pieces of paper with different numbers on them. When you simplify it in that way, it shows us that

The Best Open Source Software Options to Manage Your Finances


Whether you’re trying to stay on top of finances for your personal expenses, your freelance operation or small business, or both, you’re likely looking for something a little more modern and comprehensive than a paper ledger system. And while most people have heard of programs like Quicken, QuickBooks, and WorkingPoint, all of which allow for

Asian Millionaires Shun Banks and Take Control of Their Money

In this country we’re well aware of how the financial downturn has affected the common man. Life has been difficult since the market plummeted in 2008, and most industries haven’t yet recovered. But apparently it isn’t only the middle class that is changing their business practices in the face of economic uncertainty, but wealthy citizens

Things to Consider Before Buying an Expensive Luxury Vehicle

Most of the modern world participates in a car culture. Ever since people began putting motors on wheels and slapping on a chair and a means of steering, men and women have been fascinated with the technology that gets us from here to there at the speed of hundreds of horses. And people will drive