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How to Start a Business Overseas

Starting a business is a great challenge that can offer untold rewards for the ambitious and hard-working entrepreneur. To be one’s own boss, to follow and develop a personal vision, to be a positive force in the market; the benefits of owning a business are almost too numerous to list. It can be ultimate freedom

How to Start and Build a Successful Consulting Business

The recession has spawned a slew of layoffs, leading to a job market flooded with out-of-work professionals competing for the same slim pickings. And if you’ve been looking for work for months and your unemployment benefits are about to run out, you might be considering downgrading to literally any job just to earn some income.

Should You Reinvest in Your Business?

Everyone can pretty much agree that now may not be the best time to start a business.  With the economy circling the drain (or getting washed out to sea), lenders clutching the purse strings tight, and businesses going under at every turn, it’s a little scary to even think about quitting your day job and

What Makes a Franchise a Good or Bad Investment?

The dream job for many adults is to own and manage their own business.  And while most of us don’t necessarily have a plan for what that business might be, there are easier ways to get started than by waiting for a shiny, new idea to pop into your head.  You don’t need to reinvent