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Smart Money: 5 Items That Depreciate Quick

depreciating assets

Deciding where we spend our money is a complicated process. Aside from the usual consideration of what we want as opposed to what we need, we must also think about depreciation when we make purchases. Some of the things we buy can increase in value over time, but this is not true of all things.

How to Teach Children of Wealth the Value of Frugality

Children are not usually taught money management in high school or college. They pick it up through experience, by watching their friends, and by mimicking what their parents do. It’s fairly easy for middle class or poor families to teach children how to scrimp and save, as it’s often a necessity. But what about children

How Much Time Should You Spend on Your Personal Finances?

With all of these blogs, books, radio broadcasts, magazines and so forth, personal finance sure seems complicated. There’s so much to manage and so much to do that it can be overwhelming and seem like a full-time job. It doesn’t need to be though. I for one like to keep my life simple and do

What to Do with $10,000 Cash?

Got money to burn and wondering how to spend it? Maybe it’s $10,000, $20,000 or just $500. There are obvious smart things you can do with your money or you could just enjoy it and get some self satisfaction out of it. If you’ve recently looked at your quarterly investment reports, you might be well