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Wealth and Weight Loss

There are many parallels between accumulating wealth and weight loss. If you have the discipline to do one, you have the skills to do the other. Here are just a few similarities and things that should be included in financial diet: Consistency: Both financial fitness and weight loss take consistent effort. Just as regular, scheduled

Can You Break This Debit Card for a Dollar Please?

As a kid, I realized two things when I had a little bit of money in my pocket: Cash burned a hole in my pocket and I never knew where it all went. It boggled my mind how buying a pop here and a pack of baseball cards there would quickly put me back to

15 Money Pitfalls to Avoid

Building wealth is really pretty simple. Spend less than you make, regularly invest the money you save, reinvest your profits and let compound interest build your wealth for you. Why then are Americans so unprepared for retirement and deeply in debt? Here are 15 common money pitfalls to avoid becoming another case study: Ignoring Your

Spend Your Budget

When you set your monthly budget, give yourself a weekly budget to avoid spending your entire monthly budget early in the month. If your budget is realistic and a bit of a challenge, there will times you go over due to unexpected expenses and seasonal increases in bills. Hopefully those months are offset by months