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Top 5 Rules to Teach Your Children About Money

We want to give our kids the world. We would do anything and likely spend anything to provide our children with the things and experiences they need to get the most out of life. However, we also want them to learn to be frugal, responsible, and savvy adults who can handle money wisely. As a

How to Avoid a Holiday Debt Hangover This Season

No matter how much you might rail against the consumerism you think the holiday season has come to represent, you still have to admit that there’s really no escaping it. We’ve all got a lot to take care of when the holidays roll around every year, and that’s a simple fact. No man is an

How to Keep Spending under Control When Building Your Dream House


  When you’re finally ready to start building that dream home you always wanted, you find yourself in a position that’s positively ripe with possibility. There’s so much to do, and one might even get caught up trying to figure out exactly where to start. Finances can be daunting, as building a home isn’t typically

How to Travel Like a Millionaire

The fact that many of us are still struggling under the weight of a prolonged recession does not mean that traveling in luxury is out of reach. You can still travel in style like the millionaires do by making use of a few simple strategies to maximize your budget while adding class to your next