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How to Create a Debt Elimination Plan

It sometimes seems like taking on debt is unavoidable, unless you happen to be independently wealthy already. If you want to go to college you probably need student loans to get through. If you want a car to get you to work, chances are you won’t have thousands of dollars lying around to spend on

Top 5 Online and Mobile Banking Security Tips

Internet and mobile technologies have made life a lot more convenient. We can now make phone calls from anywhere, get information without having to go to a library or purchase encyclopedias, and even manage our finances on the go. But of course, like any new technology, safety features and common sense have yet to catch

5 Benefits of Creating a Household Inventory for Insurance Purposes

Although some home insurance policies come with coverage for the goods inside your home, it’s really up to you to catalog your stuff so that you can get the value out of your insurance provider in the event of loss or damage. There are many ways to go about completing this laborious task, but perhaps

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for An Open House

While your real estate agent can no doubt offer you a few pointers on how to prep for an open house so that you have the best chances of securing a sale, the truth is that you, as the homeowner, are on the hook for doing all of the actual work. And since you want