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The Wealthiest Colleges in America

Just because the economy isn’t in the best shape ever doesn’t mean that necessarily everybody is having a hard time making money and staying afloat financially. Of course, we’ve all heard the expression “things are tough all over” — but has this ever really been ture? Sure, we live in a time where the behavior

The Most Expensive Furniture Sold at Auction

The thrill of an auction has led more than one person to spend outrageous sums on rare items (although “outrageous” is a matter of degrees, depending on the buyer and the auction). But certain items tend to demand higher prices than others. Classic cars, giant gems, and artwork have brought some of the biggest price

The Latest Luxury Cars Struggle in Recent Crash Tests

Chances are, if you asked most people what their dream car is, at least one luxury model is going to be on their list. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that. Aside from being aesthetically attractive, luxury vehicles tend to come with the kind of reputation that they do because of the quality of their design