The Wealthiest Colleges in America

Just because the economy isn’t in the best shape ever doesn’t mean that necessarily everybody is having a hard time making money and staying afloat financially. Of course, we’ve all heard the expression “things are tough all over” — but has this ever really been ture? Sure, we live in a time where the behavior of the economy over the course of the last several years has caused a great many Americans to find themselves losing everything, if not having to live in serious debt from either student loans or credit card bills. A lot of individuals are seriously feeling the hit as the economy continues to tighten its fist. It’s nice to know, however, that in some parts of the country, education is still thriving in a very serious way. Not every single college is rolling in the dough — a school like Cal State Long Beach isn’t even close to having the financial clout that some of the most wealthy schools in the country might possess. Still, it’s impressive to think about the storied scholastic institutions that are making the most money in the country. You’ve undoubtedly heard of every single entry on the list, and likely won’t be surprised by any of them. The following are just a few of the most wealthy colleges in all of the United States of America.

It’s probably no surprise whatsoever to learn that Harvard is the wealthiest school in all of America. This prestigious East Coast campus was the birthplace of Facebook before Mark Zuckerberg brought his fortune-making company out to Silicon Valley in California. Harvard has a ridiculously exorbitant $30-plus billion dollars to its name, so it can probably even afford to buy and sell some of the other colleges on this list if it wants to.

Coming up next in the line of richest college in the United States is Yale, with a bit over $19 billion in endowment funds from 2011. Interestingly enough, its endowment only increased by about 16% from the previous year, which is one of the lowest amounts of growth seen on the list. It’s still second, though, with a considerable sum of money that it can wield better than just about any other university.

The University of Texas finally takes us out of the East Coast, and is unsurprisingly third on the list with a tuition of nearly $10,000 for residents of Texas, and a crazily high $32,594 for non-residents. That’s one school year of tuition, by the way. When you’re charging that much, it’s hard not to find yourself on the list of richest colleges in the country. Some of the nicest colleges in the world, like UCLA and Pepperdine University, might be able to show you incredible West Coast sights, but the Ivy League seems to have the market cornered when it comes to the nation’s wealthiest colleges. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to imagine how much tuition can cost, but these institutions promise to give you a great return on your investment.

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