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Top 5 Rules to Teach Your Children About Money

We want to give our kids the world. We would do anything and likely spend anything to provide our children with the things and experiences they need to get the most out of life. However, we also want them to learn to be frugal, responsible, and savvy adults who can handle money wisely. As a

How to Teach Children of Wealth the Value of Frugality

Children are not usually taught money management in high school or college. They pick it up through experience, by watching their friends, and by mimicking what their parents do. It’s fairly easy for middle class or poor families to teach children how to scrimp and save, as it’s often a necessity. But what about children

5 Ways to Be Green and Financially Fit

As more and more businesses are striving to become “green,” they are realizing there is actually a monetary benefit to keeping the World clean. By reducing waste and conserving energy, we can save money and allow the economy and world to run more efficiently. Here are 5 simple ways you can become greener and save

I Can’t Afford It and the Limited Belief Syndrome

The belief of not being able to afford things can have a very restrictive power. It can prevent you from accomplishing more and experiencing things you want to do. Instead, you’re left thinking to yourself, “I wonder what it would be like if . . .” or “I wish I could.” If you want to