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Seriously, Why Save Money?

You live, you work most of your life, and then you die. Morbid thought, I know, but if that’s how it is then why save money? I know a lot of people, including close family, that have gone their entire life spending and never even stopping to think about saving. No retirement plan, no cushion

Fighting the Car Gas Mileage Pain

High gas prices are here to stay, and Americans are finally realizing they need to do something about their car gas mileage pain. But the reality is that in the U.S. we’ve been pretty fortunate to have experienced low gas prices for so long.  The last major gas shortage was in the 70’s which many

Resist Temptation to Buy

As technology evolves at a faster rate, the need for instant gratification seems to elevate in unison. As a result, America exponentially increases its over-consumption and the general population dives deeper into debt. People are actually using the value of their homes to leverage more buying power. It’s insanity that, in general, people continually pay

Playing Financial Defense

Last week, I wrote an article for Blueprint for Financial Prosperity called Playing Good Financial Offense. The flipside to this concept is playing good financial defense. Improving your personal income statement can be broken down into two fundamental concepts: generate more income and control spending. The first step, however, to creating wealth is to manage