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What It Takes to Be a Millionaire in the Making

We’d all like to believe that someday we could be millionaires, but short of winning the lottery or finding some kind of rare and valuable antique hidden in the attic (i.e. winning the lottery), most of us will never reach this financial benchmark. Even if you live like a pauper, save every penny, and invest

Finding Free Money for Your Child’s Education

Last year, Wall Street Steward.com published an article stating that in 2030, the cost for a four-year college degree will be somewhere around $231,000. The author of the piece was trying to calculate just how much he would need to save (between 2011-2030) in order to send his newborn daughter to college. The figure that

How Worrying about Money Affects Your Health

Even if you’ve got lots of it, it seems inevitable that everyone at some point will worry about money.  That’s not to say that it isn’t healthy in some aspects to devote time to organizing your finances, planning ways to acquire more money, or continue to develop strategies for managing it.  Undue worrying about money

The Millionaire Conundrum: Should You Lend Money to Family and Friends?

The problem with lending, as opposed to giving money is that a loan inherently implies repayment.  So if someone asks you for a loan you expect to get the money back at some point (whereas simply giving them the money would result in no debt).  As a millionaire, however, you’re in a difficult position when