How Worrying about Money Affects Your Health

Even if you’ve got lots of it, it seems inevitable that everyone at some point will worry about money.  That’s not to say that it isn’t healthy in some aspects to devote time to organizing your finances, planning ways to acquire more money, or continue to develop strategies for managing it.  Undue worrying about money will contribute to a decline in your health.  Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t stay up all night letting fears about money dance in your head:

Time management.  While it is natural for human beings to worry, too much is not productive and actually doesn’t accomplish anything.  Therefore, devoting too much time to worry about anything, especially your finances, is really just an enormous waste.  If you do feel worried, find ways to be proactive.  Try to find the root of your fears and develop an action strategy to combat it.  What can you do to change whatever situation is causing you so much worry?

Fulfilling life.  They say that money can’t buy happiness.  While that may be true, certainly a lack of money or worry about your finances can keep you from enjoying the more fulfilling things in your life, especially when spending time with your children or loved ones.  Your health also includes your mental well-being, and this will suffer as well if you let worrying get in the way of enjoying your life.

Up all night.  How many times have you lain awake all night because you are worrying too much about your perceived money problems?  Lack of sleep can lead to physical problems as well as behavioral issues.  Many people who worry too much take up drinking or smoking and then suffer additional problems because of the ways they abuse those products.  Instead of staying up all night, take a natural sleep supplement such as melatonin.  Worrying won’t solve any of your problems, and staring at the ceiling into the wee hours of the night isn’t going to fix them either.

Illness.  Chronic worrying can lead to a whole host of unpleasant physical side effects, including a suppression of the immune system that leads to increased illness.  If you are feeling anxious about your money, you may be subject to more headaches, fatigue, memory loss, an inability to concentrate, uncontrollable sweating, or nausea.  More severe conditions such as digestive disorders and heart attack may also result from too much stress.

Relationships.  Increased irritability is one side effect of too much worry, and can lead you to mistreat the people closest to you.  If you are fixated on money, it may also cause the people close to you to lie about their own financial situations in order to appease you.  This may be the perfect time for a reality check:  which means more to you, your relationships or our bank account?

If you are continuing to worry about money even after reading this article, perhaps you should consider ways to cut back on necessary expenses, such as looking into discount dental plans.

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  1. Anne Pedersen says:

    This is very true. I’m glad I came across this site, because for many years I’ve had a negative relationship with money, so to say. I’ve had very little self-control and spend more than I earned. I’ve acknowledged that now, and now my biggest wish is Financial Peace and Freedom. It will be hard work, but worth it. I’m still having problems with my self-control and it’s frustrating. Do you have any advice in how to strengthen my self-control when it comes to money?

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