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What It Takes to Be a Millionaire in the Making

We’d all like to believe that someday we could be millionaires, but short of winning the lottery or finding some kind of rare and valuable antique hidden in the attic (i.e. winning the lottery), most of us will never reach this financial benchmark. Even if you live like a pauper, save every penny, and invest

How to Look Like a Millionaire (Without Spending Like One)

Having a million bucks and looking like it are two different things, and lucky for most of us, the absence of one does not preclude the other.  Just because there are very few millionaires living amongst us lesser mortals doesn’t mean we can’t all look like our highfalutin brethren, with the rich, luxurious clothing and

10 Low-Cost, Home-Based Businesses to Start Today

Most self-made millionaires do not become millionaires by being employees. The majority became millionaires from their successful businesses the were able to build. What’s important is that to build a profitable, cash-generating business it does not have to be anything new or innovating. In fact, most businesses that succeed do not re-invent the wheel at

10 Ways to Becoming a Millionaire

Want to be a millionaire? All it takes is a bit of discipline and some patience. Here are some tips to get started today: Reduce consumption and increase investments. Create and stick to a budget. Increase your financial IQ. Make contributions into investment vehicles on a consistent basis. Start a part-time business to increase income