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November 11th, 2007 at 8:55 pm

10 Low-Cost, Home-Based Businesses to Start Today

Most self-made millionaires do not become millionaires by being employees. The majority became millionaires from their successful businesses the were able to build.

What’s important is that to build a profitable, cash-generating business it does not have to be anything new or innovating. In fact, most businesses that succeed do not re-invent the wheel at all. They take a product, service or business model that already exists and works, and they make it their own. Not starting a business because you can’t think of a great idea is no longer an acceptable excuse.

Take a look at the things you regularly spend your time doing, enjoy and could be considered specialized knowledge. These are things that are unique to you and have the potential to be transformed into a business. Here is a list of 10 low-cost, home-based businesses you can start today:

  1. Senior PC Tutoring
  2. Office/Garage Organizing
  3. Dog Walking
  4. Personal Chef
  5. On Location Auto Detailing
  6. Home Staging
  7. Valet Parking Service
  8. eBay Sales
  9. Event Planning
  10. Personal Trainer

Think of what you are already doing in your spare time, and how that skill or activity can be transferred into a valuable service, product or brand that you can profit from. You’re already doing these things for free, so stop leaving money on the table.

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