Is There a Link Between Sleep and Wealth?

Do you scoff when people tell you that you need at least eight hours of sleep a night to maintain your health?  Maybe it’s time to put your scorn to bed – recent studies have shown that people who get more (and restful) sleep may have opportunities to make more money.

At a recent conference of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine held in Minneapolis, five thousand researchers convened to discuss the power of a good night’s sleep.  One of the studies addressed the connection between sleep loss and weight gain, and then linked weight loss to people who make more money.

According to this study, when people are deprived of sleep the function in their brain that stops them from eating unhealthy food starts to shut down.  Also, researchers concluded, people who stay awake longer have more opportunities to eat, which may lead to unhealthy snacking.  And recent studies have shown that, while overweight men make more money, overweight women make less.  So if sleep deprivation causes you to gain weight, depending on your gender, it can lead you to make less money.

Healthier people are also more likely to have increased energy, vigor, and show an increase in exuberance in their personalities, which all contribute to help someone who gets enough sleep work harder, faster, or allow them to get jobs which will pay more.

Other reasons to consider how sleep will help you make money:  enough sleep allows the brain to maintain and consolidate memory, which means that people who sleep well perform better on tests and tasks; people who don’t sleep enough are prone to making more mistakes at work and may be more likely to be in an accident; sleep improves the mood, which makes people with enough sleep more pleasant to be around; and finally, people who get enough sleep are less prone to weakened immunity systems.  All these factors help create a healthy person who has more chances to make money than someone who is sleep-deprived.

The sleep of many people is affected negatively by infestations of nighttime creepy crawlies; therefore, knowing how to get rid of bed bugs can help improve sleep and lead to a healthier (and wealthier) lifestyle.  Bed bugs can be identified by their wingless reddish-brown bodies that are flat and are about one-fifth of an inch long.  They are commonly thought to thrive around the human bed, but the bloodsucking critters can be found anywhere else in your home, in places such as furniture or in clothing piles on the floor.  Bed bugs can be clingy, so if you are attempting to vacuum the infested area, scrape the surface with the vacuum’s end.  They are also averse to temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit or above, so you can use a steamer to flush them out.  You can also wash and dry your bedding on high heat, which will kill them as well as their eggs.

Improve your health and your wealth through proper sleeping habits … and remember, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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