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Luxurious Garage Features

Creating a custom garage is a dream for many car enthusiasts, but the majority are stuck with a 1-2 car space at best and little additional room for the many amenities that could transform the average garage into a room worthy of housing a truly collectible set of wheels (or several). However, it doesn’t hurt

Top Celebrity Car Collectors

Most people dream about what they’d do if they came into a lot of money via lottery, inheritance, or some other fame-and-fortune kind of scenario.  And while quitting a job and jet-setting around the world is at the top of the list for many, owning rare and expensive automobiles come in at a close second. 

Motorcycles for Millionaires: World’s Most Expensive Bikes

With the economy in such a poor state, even those who have a ton of dough may be rethinking major purchases like homes and automobiles.  But that doesn’t mean that the millionaires among us won’t drop a lot of cash on the motorcycle of their dreams (hey, it will save on the cost at the

Ways to Write Off Car Expenses

There’s no denying that owning a vehicle is a significant and ongoing expense.  First there is the cost to purchase the vehicle, which could be several thousand dollars even if you opt for a used car.  And a new car will lose value the minute you drive it off the lot, meaning you automatically owe