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Motorcycles for Millionaires: World’s Most Expensive Bikes

With the economy in such a poor state, even those who have a ton of dough may be rethinking major purchases like homes and automobiles.  But that doesn’t mean that the millionaires among us won’t drop a lot of cash on the motorcycle of their dreams (hey, it will save on the cost at the

The Most Expensive Places to Live Throughout the Country

For most American families enduring the devastating economic effects of the recession, the prospect of moving to another city or town simply does not make financial sense. Others may be forced to relocate for the sake of a job opportunity or to start their lives anew. If you are contemplating a move in the near

Is Investing in Gold a Good Idea?

In general, gold is a fairly valuable commodity.  Like diamonds and other gemstones, as well as other precious metals, there is a finite quantity of gold in the world, so that gives the substance inherent value from the get-go.  Plus, it’s shiny, which people seem to think equates to some kind of intrinsic value.  But

Methods of Travel Preferred by Millionaires

Most of us don’t live like the jet-set, coming home to a million-dollar mansion, driving high-end automobiles, and taking off for weekends in the Hamptons to “get away from it all”.  But if we had the money to move beyond the rat race, we certainly wouldn’t opt for clunky older cars that are on their