The Most Expensive Places to Live Throughout the Country

For most American families enduring the devastating economic effects of the recession, the prospect of moving to another city or town simply does not make financial sense. Others may be forced to relocate for the sake of a job opportunity or to start their lives anew. If you are contemplating a move in the near future but are working with a limited financial budget, it is important to stay mindful of avoiding the most expensive places to live throughout the country. From thriving urban metropolises to quaint, small town communities, there are five cities which have risen to the ranks of America’s priciest places to live.

1.  New York, New York –The nation’s most populated city is home to renowned museums, thriving art districts, world class shopping and unsurpassed cultural diversity. The citizens of New York pay a heavy toll for these amenities, however, and the cost of living for New Yorkers ranks as the highest in the country. Property prices in the Big Apple are rising at a seemingly exponential rate, with the average two-bedroom apartment renting for a staggering $4,300 per month, and moving to New York means you’ll be paying higher rent for a much smaller dwelling. Groceries, gasoline and other commodities are also far more expensive within the five boroughs of New York than they are in other large urban centers.

2.  Los Angeles, California –Standing as the West Coast’s equivalent to New York in terms of cost of living is Los Angeles. As home to the nation’s television and film industries, L.A. attracts waves of aspiring actors, singers and other entertainers desperately searching for their big break. Living in L.A. means looking the part and the old maxim keeping up with the Joneses has been radically transformed. Extravagantly overpriced meals, designer fashions and the other trappings of the Hollywood lifestyle make L.A. one of the most expensive places to live in the country.

3.  San Francisco, California –Located just 35 miles from the Silicon Valley technology hub, San Francisco has become home to America’s nouveau riche after dot com bmillionaires began flocking to the city in the late 90’s. The average two-bedroom rental in the City by the Bay costs $2,400 and nearby Berkeley realtors report a recent rise in housing costs. Acombination of gourmet eateries, high utility costs and long travel distances from the suburbs to downtown makes San Francisco one of the country’s costliest places to live.

4.  Jupiter Island, Florida –As the home of some of America’s wealthiest athletes and celebrities, this southern enclave has become one of the richest zip codes in the country. Tiger Woods and Celine Dion have recently built lavish, multimillion dollar mansions on Jupiter Island.

5.  Suffolk County, Long  Island, New York –Home to the Hamptons and other symbols of American opulence, Suffolk County has long been considered one of the country’s most expensive places to call home. From the Vanderbilts to the Kennedys, Suffolk County has always been a destination for the rich and powerful.

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  1. David says:

    I like to live in San Francisco even is so expensive… I cannot think to live in NY, no because is most expensive, because is … NY.

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