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October 12th, 2011 at 5:46 pm

Methods of Travel Preferred by Millionaires

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Most of us don’t live like the jet-set, coming home to a million-dollar mansion, driving high-end automobiles, and taking off for weekends in the Hamptons to “get away from it all”.  But if we had the money to move beyond the rat race, we certainly wouldn’t opt for clunky older cars that are on their last legs or a seat in coach for cross-Atlantic flights.  No, most people, if they had the means, would travel like a millionaire, utilizing the costly methods of locomotion that take only the wealthiest customers from point A to point B.  Although many of us will never enter the upper echelons of wealth, you may be able to scrape together enough dough to enjoy some of the finer forms of travel to be found in the world these days.  Here are just a few that millionaires regularly enjoy.

  1. Helicopter.  Although these small aircraft are most often used by the military, hospitals, and news organizations, that doesn’t mean they can’t be privately owned.  And if you’re making millions, you might have the cash on hand to purchase one (along with the helipads needed to park them and a pilot to fly you around).  It may seem a bit opulent, but wouldn’t you just love to yell, “Get to the chopper!” (complete with Ah-nuld accent) every morning on your way to work?
  2. Yacht.  If you’re going to tour the globe via the water that covers 70% of the planet, then there’s no better way to do it in style than with a luxurious and powerful yacht.  Funny enough, you don’t have to have a ton of dough to own a yacht (although you’ll likely have to pay the ongoing fee for a berth somewhere).  But if you’re rich you can get a really nice stealth yacht (yes, you read that right) like the Strand Craft 122 Super Yacht, which features an art deco interior (including four staterooms, a salon, and a reception area), a Rolls Royce engine, and a matching sports car that has its own garage in the back of the boat.  Yowsa.  Of course, at $24 million dollars, it’s one heck of an expensive way to see the ocean blue.
  3. Private jets.  If you’re not so much into the outrageous travel options available to millionaires, then perhaps you’d rather settle for something a little tamer, like a private jet.  With many small airports catering to the rich and famous that prefer this method of travel, you can get on and off without any pesky security checks or frisky TSA agents stopping you and fly in the comfort of your own cabin, complete with wait staff and a slew of pricy food and beverage options that you won’t get from Delta or Continental.
  4. Private cars. Stretch limos may be a bit much (then again they might not), but if you can’t stand to deal with traffic, then town cars with drivers will still provide for luxury transportation about town while you relax, sip some champagne, and play Angry Birds on your diamond encrusted iPhone.
  5. Luxury vehicles.  If you’re the go-getter type, perhaps you’d rather drive yourself around.  But if you’ve got millions, you’ll still want to travel in style.  That’s where a garage full of luxury cars (both classic and new) comes into play.

Emma Martin writes for Boston Limousine Service which offers over 100 unique vehicles and superior service at affordable prices.

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