How the Wealthy Stay Healthy

Although it may not seem like a lot of people are concerned with their overall state of health (what with obesity and related disorders running rampant these days), you’d better believe that all people are equally concerned when they start to suffer the ill effects of their carefree lifestyle. Most people only need to wind up in the hospital once before they start finding ways to amend their relative state of health (either through medication or lifestyle changes). And it seems that those with money are just as keen to live long and healthy lives as their less wealthy brethren. In fact, they may be even more concerned with their state of health simply because they have the money to afford stellar insurance and additional treatments. Here are just a few of the ways in which the wealthy try to stay healthy.

Although most people cannot avoid medical care when it comes to serious or life-threatening illnesses, you’ll find a different attitude when it comes to minor illness and accidents. For example, consider that the average person who cuts a finger chopping vegetables might tape it up and go on their merry way rather than risking high hospital bills for a trip to the emergency room (even if they think stitches could be necessary). A wealthy individual, on the other hand, might make a beeline for the nearest hospital regardless of the cost. They don’t want to mess around with possible scarring or infection because they don’t have to worry about how they’re going to pay for the treatment they receive.

They may also be more likely to go seek preventive care than the average person (including annual physicals, dental visits, and eye exams). In fact, they are generally more likely to go in even for minor concerns like colds. This is the beauty of being able to afford stellar health insurance. Those that don’t have the luxury of insurance may be concerned about their health, but they’re more likely to wait as long as possible to address issues in the hopes that they’ll simply go away without the cost incurred by treatment. Or they may visit substandard clinics instead of high-end practices that feature the latest equipment and technology. In short, wealthy people have more opportunity to stay healthy.

However, it seems that wealthy people are actually more concerned about their state of health, either because they can afford to be or because they are looking for something to worry about in lieu of money troubles. So they might be more likely to go in for diabetes testing, heart exams, and even mental health related concerns than the average adult. And they also tend to be more willing to try cutting edge, exotic, or even experimental treatments in the face of persistent illness, perhaps because money is no object. In truth, most of us are willing to go a long way in the pursuit of health, whether we are facing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or some other ailment. But people who have the money will go a lot further than most when it comes to spending on treatments to relieve them of illness and injury (both real and perceived).

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