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Alternative Methods to Build Your Credit (Without Credit Cards)

As you may know, credit cards offer one of the simplest solutions when it comes to building up your credit rating. There are a few reasons why this method is preferable to others: it gives you spending power when you’re low on funds, it’s the quickest way to build credit, and credit cards are so

Don’t Let Financial Hardships Ruin Your Marriage

Holding together a marriage is no easy feat, and many couples face the same kinds of problems across the board.  It’s not easy to devote your life to another person and a lot of times, married couples fall into routines whereby they take each other for granted, hide bad feelings instead of talking about them,

How to Manage Your Student Loan Debt

Whether you attended an Ivy League school, a junior college, or one of the best online schools, you may have accrued some debt along the way in the form of student loans.  While this type of loan is often ideal for a student (because it comes with a low interest rate and doesn’t have to

Pros and Cons of Financing Your Small Business with Credit Cards

If you are wary of the idea of financing your small business with your credit cards, you should be.  In fact, you should be cautious about financing any large expense with a credit card, whether it pertains to your personal or professional life.  There’s simply no denying that credit cards often come with relatively high