Obstacles That Prevent Pursing Your Dream

When it comes to pursuing your dreams, there are many challenges and obstacles that can get in the way. While your goals might adjust over time, you can’t allow some small hurdle to prevent you from achieving something that you’ve been dreaming about for a lifetime.

When these obstacles get your way, you have a choice:

  1. Accept That You Will Not Achieve Your Goal
  2. Alter Your Goal to Make it Realistic With Today’s Reality
  3. Eliminate The Obstacle

These goal achieving roadblocks can be anything from lack of funding to a personal relationship that is holding you back.

The people you spend the most amount of time with are a reflection of who you are. If you all of your friends spend their time chowing down buffalo wings and chugging beer, chances are you are not going to be the healthiest person in the world. If your goal is to lose weight and become fit, you will likely need to change the people you spend your time with.

Your association with the junk food crowd will hinder your ability to become healthy, but spending your time with those who have a “healthy mindset” will accelerate your ability to reach and exceed your goal at an incredible rate.

Likewise, if you have a passion and desire to become a successful entrepreneur, you may need to make some tough decisions about the people you associate with. The people your are with can either contribute to your success or prevent it.

At the very least, you need the support of those people.

An entrepreneur may be faced with having to make a significant amount of sacrifice — particularly when starting out a new business venture. For example, the time you put into your work may be your most valuable asset with a new start up. But if the people you spend your time with are unable or unwilling to give you the time you need in exchange for your chance to achieve your life long dream, a tough choice needs to be made. You either flush your dream down the toilet or find a way to eliminate the distraction.

You don’t want to live life with regrets of what could have been and resentment towards those who held you back.

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