Monthly Archives: July 2009

Should You Pay With Cash or Credit?

The great money debate comes down to whether it’s better to pay for things with cash or credit.  Some people strongly argue that cash is better, while others see the advantages of credit.  As with many debates, it really comes down your personal situation and preferences.  Which one are you better at managing responsibly? Cash

What is a Health Savings Account?

Chances are you have a checking account and a savings account these days.  Maybe you even have a 401(k), a money market account, an IRA, a flexible spending account, etc.  The list of accounts that can house your money is extensive, and a recent development is a health savings account, or HSA.  This is one

Reaching Your Potential at Home, at Work, and in Relationships

Do you have any regrets?  How about dreams that just haven’t come true?  Maybe you blame it on your circumstances, a lack of proper training in years past, or a track record of failures.  It’s time to change that.  You can reach your potential in any area: at home, at work, in relationships, etc.  It’s

Easiest Businesses to Start

With the economy still rough, people might say you’re crazy if you’re thinking of starting up a business.  But there are new businesses that are flourishing despite the recession, and it’s partly because they’re easy to start. Elderly services and e-commerce appear to top the list.  Society is always talking about the baby boomers and