Easiest Businesses to Start

best small businesses to startWith the economy still rough, people might say you’re crazy if you’re thinking of starting up a business.  But there are new businesses that are flourishing despite the recession, and it’s partly because they’re easy to start.

Elderly services and e-commerce appear to top the list.  Society is always talking about the baby boomers and how they’re starting to edge into their senior years, meaning the demand for services in that industry is high.  This doesn’t mean you need to invest in a new nursing home; really, it’s about offering services that people may have more trouble doing for themselves as they get older, such as landscaping, home improvement projects, in-home medical support, etc.

If e-commerce appeals to you, keep in mind that it’s not just teenagers and twenty-something that are interested in social networking.  The older crowd is also looking for contact with people their own age.  Many are creating their own Facebook accounts, and they welcome other sites that cater to their age group where they can discuss advice about mortgages and raising children and even look for a date.

Parents are also demanding better school food choices, so if you can get into food services and provide some healthy options, you could have a successful business on your hands.  Business opportunities like this one and elderly services can be easy, but don’t confuse that with low start-up costs.  With any option you choose, you need to create a business plan and weigh the potential returns against your initial required investment.  Sometimes you might need a large amount of money to start, but the profits can start rather quickly.

If you’re looking for east-to-start small business with low initial investments, consider things you can do out of your home, such as opening a bed and breakfast, being  a dog-walker, using your truck for a hauling service,  becoming a wedding planner, or even a professional organizer.  Yes, I said professional organizer—there’s even a National Association of Professional Organizers.  There are plenty of people who just can’t do it for themselves, so why not do it for them for a profit?

Finally, be sure to choose a path that you can be passionate about.  If you get into elderly services but you’re not excited to be helping them, that’s not the right business for you.  Even when looking for a passive business to run, you’re still the one ultimately responsible for its success or failure.

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