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4 Things To Do Today to Improve Your Financial Life

The specific steps someone needs to take in order to gain control and improve their finances will differ from person to person. Someone who is drowning in debt has different priorities than someone who has to worry about paying excessive taxes because on their high six figure income. There are, however, fundamental rules to money

Start with Saving More Money Every Month

You can focus on making more money or you can focus on spending less. Beyond that, there really aren’t many more options to put more cash in your bank account. The latter (playing financial defense), is the process of finding inefficiencies in your spending, reducing the amount of unnecessary spending, and keeping your cost of

How Much Time Should You Spend on Your Personal Finances?

With all of these blogs, books, radio broadcasts, magazines and so forth, personal finance sure seems complicated. There’s so much to manage and so much to do that it can be overwhelming and seem like a full-time job. It doesn’t need to be though. I for one like to keep my life simple and do

Identity Theft and Phishing for Your Email Account

I recently received an email from my brother’s email account which was clearly not sent by him. He is a good writer, and this email was an English grammar nightmare. The message also used jargon that he would never use. The email talked about how he was in a lot of trouble because he was