4 Things To Do Today to Improve Your Financial Life

The specific steps someone needs to take in order to gain control and improve their finances will differ from person to person. Someone who is drowning in debt has different priorities than someone who has to worry about paying excessive taxes because on their high six figure income. There are, however, fundamental rules to money that we all should follow. No matter your current financial situation, it is prudent to every once in a while double check that everything is properly in order.

Are You Managing Cash Flow Properly?

It’s easy to get comfortable and think you have everything under control with your finances, but it’s important to stay on top of your personal cash flow statement. Money in has to be greater than money out in order to get ahead. If it is not, and even if it is, what can be done to make improvements?

Does Everything Make Sense?

Just because you have some extra money left in your bank account does not necessarily mean that everything is peachy. Remember that free offer you signed up for 6 months ago and now you are mysteriously being billed for a service you are not even taking advantage of? Scan through your bank and credit card statements, and get a copy of your credit report to make sure there isn’t anything you are getting charged for that you don’t want to be.

Is There a Time Suck that Doesn’t Need to Exist?

Take a look at the things that constantly require your effort and waste your time. Maybe there’s a new bill that you can add to your automatic bill pay, or maybe instead of writing a check for your gym membership every month you can pay annually and receive a discount on top of it. Your time is valuable and a series of little tasks quickly add up to big chores that could be causing stress.

Are You Considering Your Taxes Now Rather than April 15th?

Wouldn’t it be nice next year to find out that you kept more of your hard earned money because you were smart about the way you spent your money and actually remembered to hold on to your receipts? There is always room for improvement when it comes to preparing your tax deductions for the year. By being organized and planning your expenses, you can take greater advantage of the tax incentives that exist.

Millionaire Money Habit: No matter your current financial situation, every now and again you have to get back to the basics. It’s worth the effort to double check that you are not missing out on keeping more of you money by skipping some of the basic rules of money that allow you to build wealth.

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