Monthly Archives: January 2009

Attack of the Zombie Debt

Personal finance continues to evolve and become more and more complex. Zombie debt is one of those things nobody would have been able to predict, but it one of those things that are destroying people’s lives. If you have ever had an experience with a debt collector, you know how horrible it can be. Most

Hedge Your Income with Additional Income Streams

Just as you should diversify your investment portfolio in order to spread your risk, having one source of income is a liability. While your personal skills, networks and qualifications are the real asset, at any moment  your main source of income could disappear. As an employee, like most people are, you are at-will. That means

Beware: Scammers Phishing With SMS

I’m not sure if I’ve been out of it for a while and this is old news or if this is something new, but I just had an unusual experience that I can’t believe I almost got trapped with. You know how scammers send “phishing” emails to try to get your personal information, right? They

Wealth Building and the Velocity of Money

Any time an investment, business, or strategy is being evaluated, one of the elements to consider is the velocity of money. This is a methodology that many real estate investors use to determine whether or not an investment property is worth their time or not, but it applies in virtually any wealth building strategy. The