Attack of the Zombie Debt

Personal finance continues to evolve and become more and more complex. Zombie debt is one of those things nobody would have been able to predict, but it one of those things that are destroying people’s lives.

If you have ever had an experience with a debt collector, you know how horrible it can be. Most often than not, it seems they either have the wrong person, the wrong amount, or are trying to collect a debt that you already paid. Debt collectors are ruthless and, at least in my experiences, have a tendency to ignore laws that protect consumers.

Well, debt collectors are getting dirtier and have awaken what is known as zombie debt, which is a term for meaning “old debt that comes back to haunt you.”

Debt collectors are going deep into credit histories and calling consumers for debts that were paid off long ago and hoping that you either don’t remember, don’t have a record, or will just pay in order to get rid of the nuisance. While most people know they are being taken advantage of, it is often jut not worth the headache — which it seems is the angle these debt collectors are trying to play.

If you are being attacked by zombie debt, know your rights. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the debt collector must prove that you in fact owe the debt. Demand an original document that shows your signature agreeing to the credit, loan, etc. In most of these cases they more than likely cannot provide sufficient information to prove that claim.

Of course they will threaten to destroy your credit, but I say let them. You can always dispute the item, and if it were a legitimate collection the item would already be on your credit report.

Also check you’re state’s statute of limitations on collecting old debt. There may be a law in place that says they cannot legally try to go after you after a certain date.

There’s are many people and organizations trying to get ahead by scamming people out of their money. Know your rights and fight these claims if even for principle of the matter. Reluctantly paying something you do not owe in order to get the collectors off your back is only encouraging them to do the same to others.

2 Responses to Attack of the Zombie Debt

  1. Jose says:

    I have a similar experience, get debt collection calls occasionally
    for an old Loan saying an EMI is pending.

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