Monthly Archives: December 2008

57 Ways to Keep Your Job and Excel at the Workplace

Possible the best way to keep your job, earn promotions and receive raises at work is to become an incredibly valuable employee. When you are an asset to your company, you become something that is a good return on investment. Here are 57 ways to make yourself indispensable work: Get involved with training and development

5 Ways to Be Green and Financially Fit

As more and more businesses are striving to become “green,” they are realizing there is actually a monetary benefit to keeping the World clean. By reducing waste and conserving energy, we can save money and allow the economy and world to run more efficiently. Here are 5 simple ways you can become greener and save

Obstacles That Prevent Pursing Your Dream

When it comes to pursuing your dreams, there are many challenges and obstacles that can get in the way. While your goals might adjust over time, you can’t allow some small hurdle to prevent you from achieving something that you’ve been dreaming about for a lifetime. When these obstacles get your way, you have a

What Are Cash Gifting Programs? Don’t Fall Victim to This Scam

Any time someone talks about a way to make a boat load of money, it will probably at least make you stop and think. Cash gifting programs are one of those things that to me sounds like you want no association with. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but my interpretation of cash gifting is