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Affordable Health Insurance Options for Young Adults

As you’re growing up in your childhood home, there are so many things that you don’t usually give much thought to. You don’t think much about how the food got into the refrigerator. You don’t think much about who’s paying for the electricity and water that you use. And if you happen to get sick

Health Care Reform: How Many People Would It Really Help?

Health care reform is a very heated topic right now—unless you’ve been asleep for the past few months, that’s no surprise to you.  I believe the problem is figuring out the truth.  We’ve all heard about the general ideas that are in the House and Senate versions of the proposed bill, but it seems almost

What is a Health Savings Account?

Chances are you have a checking account and a savings account these days.  Maybe you even have a 401(k), a money market account, an IRA, a flexible spending account, etc.  The list of accounts that can house your money is extensive, and a recent development is a health savings account, or HSA.  This is one