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The Benefits of Creating a Long-Term Financial Plan

If you are one of the many Americans who live paycheck to paycheck, then you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about your financial future. You likely have more immediate concerns when it comes to money. And yet, ignoring the future won’t stop it from coming, and that right quick. If you want to

5 Common Myths About Settling Credit Card Debt


Credit card debt has never been a bigger problem in the United States. More and more individuals have found themselves pretty much up to their ears in money owed and requests from creditors to pay it all back. It can begin to be significantly overwhelming, and when you finally decide that it’s time to find

Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards: What You Should Know

Most people use credit and debit cards interchangeably, depending on how much money they have in their checking account or how much room they have on a credit card before they hit their limit and get declined.  But the truth of the matter is that one may be better than the other.  If you’ve been

Should I Use a 401k Debit Card?

When Jeremy at Generation X Finance wrote The 401k Debit Card: Probably One of the Worst Ideas Ever, I couldn’t have agreed with him more. What is the 401k Debit Card? Obtaining a loan against your 401k is nothing new, but in the past it was a bit more difficult and the repayment terms were