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What to Do with $10,000 Cash?

Got money to burn and wondering how to spend it? Maybe it’s $10,000, $20,000 or just $500. There are obvious smart things you can do with your money or you could just enjoy it and get some self satisfaction out of it. If you’ve recently looked at your quarterly investment reports, you might be well

Mint Review - How Secure is it?

Mint.com has quickly become the hippest personal finance management website. In some ways Mint competes with Mvelopes, the online budgeting program that helps you to allocate your money before you spend it, but Mint does a bit more. It makes managing your money fun while taking almost all of the work out of it. In

Less Tracking, More Spending

J.D.’s post at Get Rich Slowly on How Good Habits Keep Small Mistakes Manageable got me thinking about how the less I track my spending, the more I find myself wasting money and exceeding my monthly budget. I personally use a self-created excel sheet to track my spending and help me stay within my monthly