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The Best Open Source Software Options to Manage Your Finances


Whether you’re trying to stay on top of finances for your personal expenses, your freelance operation or small business, or both, you’re likely looking for something a little more modern and comprehensive than a paper ledger system. And while most people have heard of programs like Quicken, QuickBooks, and WorkingPoint, all of which allow for

Accounting Mistakes That Could Sink Your Business

Owning and operating a business can come with a steep learning curve, even if you have a degree or experience in the field. The hope is that you will learn quickly as you go so that you can manage your professional affairs adequately in order to keep your company afloat and eventually become a great

Major Monthly Deductible Business Expenses

If you’re someone who owns a business, congratulations because there are very few things more rewarding than being able to work for yourself. However, if you’ve been running your own company for a long enough period of time, you’ll probably also agree that there’s nothing more demanding and, pardon the pun, taxing than being your

Should You Do Your Own Accounting or Hire an Accountant?

Whether you are managing financial accounts as a private citizen, a freelance worker, or a business owner, you may reach a point where hiring an accountant seems like a good idea. Different factors such as your lifestyle, your current methods of account management, and where you expect to be in the future may affect your