Scholarship Resources to Pay for College

free student scholarships for womenThe cost of education is ever increasing, and it is seemingly impossible to go to school without the help of some financial aid. Luckily, with the increase in people going back to school to increase their job skills and income, free student scholarships have become widely available. Financial aid is not just offered by your particular college, but also through various special interest groups and organizations. For instance, one of the fastest growing financial aid programs are the scholarships for women category.

With more and more women obtaining advanced degrees, entering the workforce, and obtaining high-level jobs, there is a big surge to provide scholarships for women to help make this possible for more people.

If you are thinking about returning to school, there are plenty of resources available to find and obtain financial aid in order to pay for some, if not all, of your college expenses. Some of these programs are based on merit, while others are awarded based on income or even particular fields of study.

Whether you qualify to receive scholarships for women, minority grants, or financial aid for studying microbiology, there is no reason not to tap into these resources to help make your educational experience an affordable one. Here are two great resources that can help you quickly get the cash you need to go to back to school.

  • Online Scholarships - Simply enter to see if you qualify for their $10,000 free student scholarship program. You’ll be notified if you qualify for some of this cash to help you get your degree that never has to be paid back.
  • Course Advisor - Enter the areas of study that interest you, and this search database will match your background and interests to the programs that are best suited for you. This is a great tool if you are in the process of looking for the most affordable degree program and college that matches your interests and desired income.

There’s no limit on the number of free student scholarships, grants or educational loans that you can receive. Cast a wide net by collecting as much information as you can in order to alleviate the cost of books, housing and tuition. Regardless if you are looking for scholarships for women, as a single mother, or low-income status, the money is available.

11 Responses to Scholarship Resources to Pay for College

  1. Penny says:

    why is it that every area you go to online to get assistance for education ie grants they make you look for a school. I am already in school and looking for assistance for my education. I have alot of student loan debt already and hardly any pell grant. I have 3 kids I dont want schools to consistanly call me when I am already attending.

  2. Laketa says:

    Hi Penny,

    I am having the same problem. I am pursuing my doctorate and I cannot find any grant money neither. I keep finding sites to start a program. I am trying to find money to finish my program. Where is the grant money for single moms? There is no financial aid assistance for doctoral students. I need some grant money I have ran out of loan money.

  3. karly says:

    hey penny me to im in my bachelors program for business administratio and i ahvent even begun paying for my associates degree where can we get help at?

  4. laurie says:

    Same problem here. I have a degree. I am a single mom that is on unemployment. I am trying to find help to get a nursing certification. The federal goverment will not help because I have a degree and I owe loans. All the sites are not helpful at all.

  5. kdo says:

    HI Micah,
    thanks for your tips and websites, unfortunately I just tried them all and they don’t accept Canadian postal codes or have a drop down list that includes Canadian provinces, despite an option to list an alternate country. does anyone have any links for Canadian resources?
    thanks so much

  6. Shar says:

    Sounds like an ongoing problem, I am currently enrolled in the DBA program and have run out of financial aid. I can no longer recieve grants because of my education level and I am looking for scholarship to help finish my degree. Can someone please help us out there???? I know there is help, we just have not come across it yet.

  7. Nanct says:

    This may help. I am thinking of joining Americorp. you will get minimum pay to work for them for a year but in some of their programs they can cut 15% off of an existing school loan or you may choose 5,500,00 that you get after your year of service with them finishes. This can help with some expenses to pay for grad school when you begin. Americorp will also put your existing school loan on a forebarence. This will stop all loan payments until you finish your services with Amerocorp. Your loan will not gain any interest while working for them. If you are interested go to You will also gain good work experience for your resume working for Americorp.

  8. I AM ALREADY IN SCHOOL I WANT YOUR MONEY TO SEND ME BACK BECAUSE I LOVE SCHOOL I GO TO UTI for those of you dont know what that is it is
    Universal Technical Institute so i want all of his money to send me back

  9. kita says:

    I decided to go back to high school i went online i need help paying for school i am umemployed do any body know how i can get some help with paying for school.

  10. nazela herpershad says:

    i like to go collage my number is 5189861624

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