Millionaire Wardrobe Essentials

We’d all like to look like a million bucks, but for the millionaires out there, it’s actually possible to get the expensive wardrobe that a fat bank account can buy.  People with money can afford to dress to the nines all the time, and since they often have an image to uphold, their clothing tends to reflect their wealth.  So what does every millionaire need in their wardrobe?  Here are just a few must-have items that nobody who wants to look like they’re in the money can do without.

Most people live their lives in casual clothing, but the everyday fashions of millionaires are a cut above the rest.  A $30 pair of Levi’s simply won’t do; men and women dressing like millionaires must have designer denim since jeans are a staple of the modern wardrobe.  While you may be thinking a pair of Lucky Brand jeans will do the trick, the $100-$200 price range is a laugh when compared to a pair from Roberto Cavalli or 7 For All Mankind (which can top out at over $1,000).  Of course, with brands like D&G, Gucci, and Escada producing custom designer jeans, the cost can number in the multiple thousands, but Secret Circus really takes the cake with a pair of diamond-studded ladies jeans that sold for over a million bucks.  As for other casual clothing, it’s designer labels all the way (the more exclusive the better).

But most millionaires also attend lavish affairs such as parties, charity balls, and even red-carpet events.  They are often called on to rub shoulders with other wealthy elite and they simply have to dress the part.  For this reason, every millionaire, male or female, needs a wardrobe full of the fancy dress clothes of the season.  Here the men have a slight advantage because a classic tuxedo never goes out of style and it can always be worn for formal occasions (black tie included).  Women have a little more work to do because they are called upon to have the latest designer gowns or cocktail dresses of the season, often right off the runway, if they want to be seen as fashionable amongst their peers.  Luckily, they have the dough to blow on frocks that they are only likely to wear once.

Finally, millionaires must consider their work attire.  After all, most of them didn’t reach a state of financial affluence by resting on their laurels, which means they probably have to dress for success on a daily basis.  For men this means designer suits, designer shoes, and maybe a Rolex and a leather briefcase for good measure.  But in this area women, too, can shine.  Nearly every major label makes gorgeous and sophisticated work-wear for the ladies, with suiting being a top priority for brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabanna, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, and just about every major haute couture designer, especially now that women are moving up in the corporate world and wanting to dress as well as their CEO salaries allow.  And accessories add the finishing touch, with tasteful yet expensive jewelry, shoes, and brief cases rounding out the list of essentials for any working millionaire.

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  1. riles says:

    I don’t know whether this website has turned into a joke or what but what happened to the educational articles with legit advice?

  2. Nayer says:

    I want to millionaire’s wife

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