Save Money On Groceries

This is something I’ve often thought about myself.  I’ve cut back on everything I can, and I pay the lowest possible amount for all of my bills.  But what about groceries?  You need to eat, so there’s only so much you can cut back on there.  There are ways to save money on groceries.  You just have to be tactful and creative.

  • Create a budget, and stick to it.  (That “budget” word keeps popping up everywhere, doesn’t it?   It’s important!)
  • Make a list before shopping, and stick to it.
  • If you see something that’s not on your list but is on sale for a worthwhile deal, veer from your list and take advantage of the sale.
  • Don’t shop hungry.  You’ll be more likely to buy on impulse.
  • Avoid the impulse buys at the registers.  Grocery stores put them there on purpose.
  • Leave the kids at home.  They’ll try to convince you to buy junk food that isn’t good for you and won’t last very long in the house.
  • Use coupons.  Sign up for “advantage” cards.  Go to websites like and print off the savings!
  • Consider store brands.  Most often, especially with medicines and vitamins, the ingredients are exactly the same.  If you go with the brand name, that’s what you’re paying extra for: the name.  (Of course, with food, sometimes the taste will be the deciding factor, but don’t be afraid to try the store brands.  Except the boxed macaroni and cheese.  I’ve said it before and I’ll preach it until the day I die—just pay the extra few cents for the brand name boxed macaroni and cheese!  You’ll be glad you did…)
  • Avoid buying non-grocery items, like pots and pans or school supplies.  These items are generally overpriced because stores know you’ll buy them there out of convenience.
  • Eat less.  Our idea of portion sizes has become grossly distorted by what we’re served in restaurants.  Most serving sizes are usually no bigger than your fist, but search online for specifics.  Learning this information can also help you to learn when you’re actually full and avoid that “uncomfortable” feeling after overeating.
  • Don’t waste leftovers.  You’ll have more when you learn what correct portion sizes are.
  • Drink more water.  It’s good for you, and a lot of times when you think you’re hungry, your body is actually asking for water.
  • Plant a garden and grow your own veggies.  They’ll probably even taste better, too.

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  1. My Top 5 says:

    Search coupon blogs that will show which coupons to use at which stores. This will save you hundreds of dollars a year. Buy a couple of extra newspapers on weeks where the coupon inserts include lots of products you use regularly. That way, when a great sale comes along, you’ve got a good bit of coupons on hand to take advantage and buy in bulk. Good luck!

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