Buying a New Home: How Important Is Location?

It is said that in business, location is everything. But does the same principle apply to buying a residential property? In truth, there are many other factors that jockey for priority when it comes to purchasing a private home. The square footage and number of rooms generally top the list, often followed by the age and overall condition of the house. Some families may prefer a larger lot while others are interested in having a pool on the property. And amenities like central heating and air, a two-car garage, and so on are often on the list, as well. But location also plays a role in a buyer’s decision of whether to purchase a home or keep looking. So how important is the location?

There are several reasons why the location of a particular property could be important. For home buyers with kids, for example, access to a good school system is often a consideration. Parents and couples looking to start a family want to know that their children can get a solid education and they therefor seek out districts and particular schools that provide a proven track record of high test scores and successful students. And those who have special needs kids want to find schools that have the equipment and staff necessary to ensure their children have the best shot at a decent education. This can make the location of a home a major factor in the buying process. Access to amenities like parks, hospitals, and other necessary services is also important when you have kids to consider.

Of course, most families also want to steer clear of the criminal element, so the crime statistics for an area could factor into a purchase. It doesn’t really matter how big a house is or how nice it looks if you need bars on the windows, an electric fence, and a surveillance system in order to feel safe in your own home. While you will almost certainly pay more for property that happens to be in a low-crime area, and it could affect the size of house or the parcel of land you are able to afford, the safety of your home and family is of paramount importance. And considering that crime stats can affect future resale value, as well, you need to carefully consider the investment you’re making before you choose a particular location.

In addition, many homeowners want to live in proximity to their work. This isn’t always possible due to budgetary constraints that make buying a home in the suburbs more fiscally responsible. But if you can find a way to avoid the commute, you’d probably rather choose a location that’s closer to work so you don’t have to waste a huge chunk of each day sitting in gridlock. There’s no getting around the fact that investing in real estate requires you to take several factors into consideration, and location is one of them. But with pros like Darby Grimmett Realtor on your side, you can view a wide variety of homes and locations and get the expert advice you need to make wise decisions where your property purchase is concerned. Finding the perfect house doesn’t rely solely on location, but it’s definitely a major factor for most prospective homeowners.

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