Best Books for Aspiring Millionaires

America has traditionally been the land of opportunity, the one country on earth where a person can be born to abject poverty and still dream of a day when he’ll be wealthy. Anything is possible, given enough time, desire and a bit of good luck. And in 2012, there are more millionaires than at any other time in history, many of whom are willing to share their secrets of success. Hop online and you’ll find hundreds of books offering their best schemes for attaining wealth. Some are manipulative drivel, but there are many others with real-world examples and solid methods for growing your checking account far beyond your wildest dreams. The best way to become a millionaire is to follow the advice of those who have been successful, so if that is your dream, it’s time to hunker down and get reading. Here are a few of the best books for aspiring millionaires.

“Think and Grow Rich”. This is the granddaddy of them all, published way back in 1937. Author Napoleon Hill put more than twenty years of research into his writing, interviewing hundreds of high net worth individuals to determine what made them successful. This is not a book with bullet pointed lists of tips, but rather an in depth discussion of the fundamentals of acquiring wealth.

“Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”. Author T. Harv Eker delves into the psychology of wealth building in this highly respected book. Eker proposes that it is conditioning that keeps us poor, as very few people are brought up and educated to be rich. He suggests that if you aspire to become a millionaire, you first have to impact your conscious and subconscious thoughts about money. Whether you’re fairly well off or flat broke, you can’t break through your wall until you address your childhood experiences around finances.

“Rich Dad Poor Dad”. This may be the biggest seller of all the financial how-to books. Author Robert Kiyosaki outlines the reasons why poor people remain poor and rich people seem to always get richer. From his perspective, the secret is getting unstuck from your dead end job and embracing entrepreneurship. You must become your own boss, and then gain a real world understanding of how finances work to find success. The book also offers up a simple guiding strategy. If you want to become rich, do as rich people do.

“The Alchemist”. Paulo Coelho’s classic may be the most entertaining read, as it’s not a traditional how-to. With the structure of a novel, it embraces what it takes to follow your dreams. Becoming a millionaire may seem like a fantasy, and you’ll have to read books like this to retrain yourself to appreciate what you can attain when you put your mind to it.

“The Automatic Millionaire”. This book by David Bach is filled with practical ways to train yourself to become a millionaire. His theory is that most of us never get there because we don’t know how to save. So he puts forth examples of how to automate your savings plan. It’s packed with practical advice and written in an easygoing style that will make sense to a wide audience. It’s a great read. Check out more details about all of these and other great titles on

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