5 Ways to Make Extra Money in Your Free Time

Times may be tough, which is allowing many people to dig in and use creative measures to make extra money.  You may need extra money but your employer won’t let you work overtime, and you feel a little awkward at the thought of asking your friends or family for money (not to mention the fact that you’ll probably have to repay them).  So here are five other ways for you to nab some extra cash quickly!

  • Sell your stuff! Take a good, honest look through anything you might have hidden away or not used in a long time. If you decide you can get by without it, sell it! If you’ve got a decent pile of unwanted items, go ahead and set up a rummage sale. You can even try coordinating with your neighbors and advertising in the paper to help draw more potential buyers your way. If you only have a few items, try listing them on craigslist or eBay. (Note: if you choose eBay, do your research on what you’re selling. Make sure that what you can sell it for will make up for the fees you’ll be charged. Check completed auctions on your item to make sure people are buying it because you’ll still have to pay listing fees even if it doesn’t sell. Check out this eBay Millionaire does it.)
  • Offer to do yard work for your neighbors. Plenty of people don’t have the time to do all the yard projects they’d like to do, and they certainly can’t afford an expensive landscaping service. Maybe they’re physically unable to do simple tasks like mowing and trimming. They’ll welcome your ability and reasonable prices.
  • Donate plasma. Most often, you’ll be compensated for this donation. Some people say that’s because it’s painful. Others say it doesn’t hurt, it’s just complicated. If you can handle either one, you’ll walk away with some extra cash.
  • Open a new bank account. Search your local banks and find out what kinds of offers they have on new accounts. You might find one that will deposit, say, $25 or $50 into new customers’ accounts. Sometimes it’s as simple as opening one up. Other times there may be conditions, but you might be able to meet them easily, such as opening the account with a certain amount of money or signing up for direct deposit right away.
  • Tutor students. Take a look at schools near you and offer your expertise in your favorite subject. Not only will you make extra money, you’ll be helping someone else succeed.

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  1. Eric says:

    If you open a bunch of bank accounts, be sure that they don’t all pull your credit report. A lot of hits will lower your score.

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