5 Simple and Smart Moves to Help You Sell Your Home Fast

It is not like the movies - where you have an open house, a bunch of people come through your home and then, like magic, an offer comes through. In most cases, there are a lot of logistics to work through. Plus, homebuyers are going to be very picky - they will want to go through all the details of your home first. Not only will they want to know how old the home is, but they will also want to know things like what materials the home was built out of and when the home was last renovated. And in a slow market, it could take months - maybe even years to sell your home. Luckily, there are a number of ways to help get the offers rolling in. Here are five simple and smart moves to help you sell your home fast.

  1. Have your home detailed and cleaned - top to bottom. Making your home look new again may be no easy feat, but it can be done. All you have to do is hire a special cleaning team to come though and work their magic. You want to make sure the walls are cleaned and buffed, your carpets are steamed and you want to throw out all the clutter. A clean home is a more salable home.
  2. Put your furniture in storage and stage your home with rented furniture. According to real estate specialists, a staged home sells faster and gets higher offers. So, you may want to think about moving your used furniture into a storage unit for the time being. There are many companies that can professionally stage your home for you. You can also rent furniture from companies that specialize in staging. With clean, new, modern furniture, your home will look new and inviting.
  3. Landscape your front lawn. There is a good chance that your front lawn needs a little work. If this is the case, you may want to think about planting a few flowers, bushes and maybe a palm tree or two. Re-landscaping your front lawn is easy and affordable. It could also mean the difference between taking your home off the market and waiting around for another year. Homebuyers tend to spend the most time in the front yard looking at the exterior of the home, so you want to do your best to boost the curb appeal.
  4. Lower the offering price. If your home is not priced around or slightly below market value in a down housing economy, it will be hard to sell your home in a timely manner. If you and your family are wondering: how can I get cash for our home - pricing it below market value is the best way to get at least a reasonable offer.
  5. Use unique marketing tactics. You are probably listing your home in the newspaper and maybe online real estate listings, but what about social media? Social media and other facets of social networking can be a great tool to use when it comes to selling your home. In the end, by broadening your marketing scope, you will be able to sell your property much faster.

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