5 High-End Benefits of Luxury Credit Cards

Are you a high roller? Do you have a large expense account? If you answered yes to those questions, there is a good chance that you will need a luxury credit card. When it comes down to it, the credit card industry only gives these cards to individuals that have the capital to back them up. You aren’t necessarily going to get a credit card with a six-figure maximum if you don’t make a six-figure salary. Yet, the best part about these cards isn’t so much the spending maximum - it’s the rewards. Some of these luxury cards offer impressive rewards, bonuses and perks - from spa treatments to twenty-four hour a day concierge services. Here are five high-end benefits of luxury credit cards.

  1. High maximum. Luxury credit cards are excellent for those people that like to spend a lot of money. If you enjoy the high life, these cards can allow you the opportunity to spend capital to your heart’s delight - without getting an embarrassing message from a manager or waiter telling you that your card has been declined. These cards are also great for executives that need a large expense account for business trips and other expenditure responsibilities.
  2. Reward points. With luxury credit cards, your reward points are often much higher based on the dollar you spend. Because these credit cards require a high bank roll in order to be accepted - and sometimes a high annual fee - your points are much higher when you go out to dinner or purchase airline tickets. Thus, you can reap more of a return on your spending. This is great for accruing airfare and other bonuses that you can cash in on at a later date.
  3. More perks. Indeed, when you are paying more for your credit card, there are often more perks. These perks include exclusive entry into airline clubs and flight rooms, twenty-four hour concierge services, personal shoppers, free meals, hotel benefits and more. Basically, if you have the money to burn, life is good with a luxury credit card. Of course, you have to be qualified for these types of luxury cards - and you must have millions in assets - but they can be well worth it once you get accepted.
  4. VIP access. When you have a luxury credit card, you are automatically inducted into the world of privilege. Movie premiers, box seats, back stage entrance - when you have a luxury card you become a “very important person.” Because you have the money to back it up, you can dine with the upper echelons, celebrities and other VIPs.
  5. Assurance on price fluctuations. A lot of retailers and companies adjust their prices according to the season. This is especially the case with airfare. But when your airfare tickets are a difference between $10,000 and $8,000 - does it really matter? It does - to the cardholder - which is why many of these luxury credit card companies force retailers to keep their original industry or market price. In the end, this can save you money and protect your capital from unnecessary price gouging - it is just one cog in the giant machine of wealth management.

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