5 Benefits of Private Jet Charter

If asked, the average person is more likely to offer reasons not to charter a private jet, including the high cost and the impact on the environment, just for example. But if you’re being honest, you’d probably love the opportunity to skip the lines at the airport, hop on a plane reserved exclusively for you, and reach your destination with all haste and efficiency. And private jet charter may not be as far outside your scope or reality as you assume. Just because it seems to be reserved for the wealthy elite, the rich and famous, doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t find ways to charter a private jet, especially if you split the cost with other passengers like family and friends. And you’ll enjoy several benefits when you opt to go this route for travel.

  1. Convenience. The main draw of chartering private jets for most people centers on convenience. We all understand the hassles associated with flying commercial airlines. We have to leave early to deal with traffic, parking, and so on in order to arrive 2-3 hours before a flight departs. Then we have to wait in line to check our bags, wait in line for screening, and hope to God that we didn’t leave anything in our bags that will get us pulled aside for review, or that we aren’t unlucky enough to be randomly selected for a bag search or pat-down. Finally, we have to cue up to get on the airplane itself, entering in a crush of bodies as people try to jam oversized bags into the overhead compartment, and then squeeze ourselves into cramped seating while we wait a while longer for the plane to take off. While air travel is still the fastest way to get from point A to point B, flying commercial has become a major hassle that most people would rather avoid.
  2. Speed. When you charter a private jet you can not only set aside the hassles of joining the madding crowd, but you can also get through the process and reach your destination much more expediently. A private flight allows you to skip the long lines, show up at the airport shortly before departure, and get whisked through the process and onto the plane. Although a private jet doesn’t fly any faster than the average commercial plane, you’re likely to get where you’re going more quickly simply by skipping all the preliminary waiting, not to mention waiting for your bags at a carousel after the flight.
  3. Small, local airports. Private jets are more likely to fly in and out of small, private airfields than larger, commercial airports, which could mean leaving from a location a lot closer to home. And you’ll find that operating on a smaller scale is easier all around, from traffic to parking to getting to your gate, if the airport even has separate gates.
  4. Luxury. These days, the thought of convenience and speed might be enough to recommend private jet charters. But the reason many people dream of flying privately is the luxurious accommodations and amenities that often come with such flights, including comfortable and spacious seating arrangements, personal service, and extras like delicious meals, access to media, and perhaps even massage or other bonus features, depending on what you arrange for.
  5. Less stress. The number one reason to shell out the money to charter a private jet has to do with making your travel easier and less stressful all around. Many people suffer from anxiety associated with travel. And while some are worried about crashing, most are simply stressed about all of the other things that could go wrong when it comes to commercial travel (getting searched, missing a flight, dealing with delays or cancellations, etc.). So whether you’re booking with AVJet Corporation for your business travel or you’re looking for a company that offers private charter for vacation groups, consider that it may be worth a little extra money, at least on special occasions, to charter a private jet rather than facing the stresses of commercial flights.

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  1. There are lots of benefits using privet jet no doubt. Commercial flight passengers spend hours getting to and from the airport, going through security, and waiting to board their flight. They are also frequently subject to long flight delays and cancellations, which can be disastrous when en route to important meetings and events.

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