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5 Things to Consider Before Investing in a Restaurant

Investing in a restaurant may seem like a good idea. After all, everybody has to eat, and the National Restaurant Association has estimated that Americans devote nearly half of the food budget for their household to dining out these days. You could have a piece of that pie, so to speak. And although a fair

Listing Your Luxury Property: 5 Things to Consider First

If you think you’re ready to put your luxury home on the market, you might want to stay your hand and take some time to consider your decision. Most homeowners, when they decide to sell, don’t realize that there are several steps they should take before they even think of putting their property on the

5 Benefits of Private Jet Charter

If asked, the average person is more likely to offer reasons not to charter a private jet, including the high cost and the impact on the environment, just for example. But if you’re being honest, you’d probably love the opportunity to skip the lines at the airport, hop on a plane reserved exclusively for you,