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5 of the Priciest Newborn Expenses

When it comes to bringing home baby, you’re sure to discover that there are plenty of costs associated with caring for your newborn. While you’ve probably heard that the cost of raising the average child to the age of eighteen is somewhere in the neighborhood of a quarter million dollars, you might not take the

5 Tips for Getting Your Lender to Reduce Your Home Mortgage Payment

Over the last few years it’s been somewhat difficult for homeowners to secure refinancing for their home mortgages. It seemed like the people paying on time and in full were getting punished, unable to obtain the outrageously low interest rates that their neighbors, who hadn’t paid their mortgage in months, were being handed like candy

Is It Worth the Money to Invest in Green Home Improvements?

When it comes to using your nest egg or taking out a home equity line to improve the state of your property, you likely have to prioritize your projects. Most homeowners have a laundry list of upgrades they’d like to undertake, but considering they have only limited resources at their disposal, they must pick and

Determining Whether You’re Financially Ready to Purchase a Second Home

Buying a first home is hard enough for most people. And since you want your primary residence to gain value and support your growing family for years to come, you’ve likely put every penny into the purchase and maintenance of the property. However, at some point you might start to think about the benefits of